Our process is exciting, in-depth, emotional,
rational, creative, strategic, collaborative and unique.
The creation of your authentic brand is divided into four phases.



Everything starts with a casual meeting. We want to get a first understanding about your business, your target market and your desired outcome of the Branding Process.

You will get a broad understanding about what Branding is, why having an authentic brand is important and how we can help you to create one.

If both sides have a good feeling and are convinced, we will proceed to the next phase. 



In this phase, we go in-depth and define together a Brand strategy that is authentic to you, your business and your target market. We call it the BRAND-DNA.

Your BRAND-DNA will give you and your team absolute clarity and serves as the foundation and compass for all future Brand decisions. Depending on your needs, your BRAND-DNA can include the following elements: 

Target Market Deep Dive, Mission, Personality, Architecture, Competitive Review, Unique Selling Proposition, Positioning, Promise, Vision, Values, Manifesto, Slogan, Name. 



Based on your BRAND-DNA, we create a truly unique and authentic Brand Identity. There will be a few feedback rounds until we land on the perfect Identity.

Depending on your needs, your Brand identity can include the following elements: 

Logo, Website, Colors, Fonts, Graphic Elements, Photo/Video Style, Tone-of-Voice, Writing Style.



Summarized in a PDF Document you will receive your entire Brand Strategy and Identity. This document will be your Holy Grail and manifests the start of an authentic brand that you and your team can live, manage and grow with full confidence and clarity.

The final step is to plan the launch of your new Brand into the market. 

Send us an email to setup a free and casual first meeting.