Branding Process

We treat every project like a piece of art into which we immerse ourselves deeply in order to bring out the essence of the brand


In three steps to a unique Brand Identity 

Our branding process ensures clarity and includes the co-creation of an authentic and meaningful brand strategy, the creation of a holistic and high-quality brand design and the activation of the brand through websites, photo shoots and the customization of marketing materials.


Here we provide clarity.


Here we create a unique design.


Here we bring the brand to life.

1. Brand Strategy

During 4 intensive workshops, Patrick takes you and your team by the hand and develops a holistic brand strategy together with you.

In this process, we work out the following points:

Vision • Mission • Slogan • Personality • Positioning • Unique Selling Points • Values • Voice • Desired Target Market • Key Message


Brands are made by and for people.

A strong brand identity not only shapes the external appearance of your company, but also influences the internal culture. Because only what is lived within the company can be authentically communicated to the outside world. During the strategy process, Patrick asks the right questions, listens carefully and provides strategic and creative impulses. In this way, he helps you to organize your thoughts, separate the unimportant from the significant and get to the essence of the complex. In this way, we get to the authentic core of the brand and to answers that provide clarity from within.

The Result

At the end of the strategy process, you will have absolute clarity about what your brand stands for. You will receive the document from the four workshops, which contains the complete brand strategy including all notes.

2. Brand Design

Based on the brand strategy, Karolina and Peter create a high-quality, meaningful and unique brand design that reflects the essence of the brand.

The brand design consists among others, of: 

Logo • Color Scheme • Typography • Moodboard • Backgrounds • Icons • Mock-Ups • Brand Guidelines. 


The design must reflect the essence of the brand

Developing a beautiful design is not particularly difficult for a reasonably good designer or an artificial intelligence. But if a design only looks beautiful, then it is interchangeable, superficial and often impractical. In our design process, the focus is therefore not just on aesthetics, but on translating the essence of the brand into a meaningful, unique and functional design. Only then does the design tell a story, provide clarity and can be used in a variety of ways. It is the small, thoughtful details that make the big difference in the long run.

The Result:

Summarized in the brand book, you will receive the most important points of the brand strategy as well as the complete brand design, including application guidelines and examples for use. The brand book forms the foundation on which the brand is built with clarity and self-confidence.

3. Brand Activation

Based on the brand book, we bring the strategy and design to life so that your brand has a common thread at all touchpoints and builds a desired perception.

The brand activation consists, among others, of:

Webdesign and Implementation • Social Media Templates • Keynote & Power Point Templates • One-Pager • Photoshoot • Business Cards • Marketing Materials  •


A strong brand is like an orchestra.

Your brand is not just your logo, or your vision, or your product or the name of your company. Your brand is created through the harmonious interplay of all these elements, which we work out together. Only when all the components come together like in an orchestra can the desired perception be created. Therefore, in the final step, we make sure that all the points of contact that your target group has with your brand form a common thread, tell the same story and reflect the essence of your brand.

The Result 

The result of our collaboration is a holistic, high-quality and unique brand identity. This gives you and your employees a clear direction, sets your company apart from the competition and appeals specifically to your target group

– Antoine de Saint Exupéry

“Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.“